Gongoni – The Canyon of West Bengal

Gongoni -East Medinipur, West Bengal :

Whenever the word “Canyon” is used about a destination in India, the first name which pops into mind is that of the hill station of Mahabaleswar. Yet, in the most unusual place in India lies a full-fledged gorge which at first look resembles a miniature version of Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA.


Canion of West Bengal Welcome to the “Grand Canyon” of West BengalGongoni. Located in the small town of Garbeta, this fascinating

wide gorge of red soil stands on the banks of river Silabati. Locally known as “Gongoni Danga” or “Gongoni Khola”, the gorge is a handiwork of Mother Nature through years of soil erosion coupled with some assistance from the river.

The water body flows through the gorge during monsoon.In the plain lands of Bengal such a landscape is uncommon and exceptional, which is why this gorge is often referred to as Grand Canyon of Bengal. Recently a Stair case has been built by the West Bengal Government, so that one can easily walk down into the Canyon.

Train Journey:

The usual way of reaching Garbeta is to board the Rupasi Bangla Express from Santragachi Station at 06:25 and reach Garhbeta Railway Station at around 09:20. Cycle Vans are available at the station, which is the common way of transportation to the Gorge. The station is located at Amlagora area. The Town of Garhbeta is around 5 km from the Station.

GongoniDown the canyon I could see a band of what looked like small green people crossing the river. On closer look with my zoom lens I saw they were students of schools in green uniform. The water was just ankle deep at this time of the year. As mentioned earlier the river enters the gorge to some extent during Monsoon. At that time fishermen with their fishing net spread out makes a pretty picture.



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