Mathaburu Purulia

Matha Buru

Matha Buru ( Matha hills)is commonly known for its aesthetic beauty. Annual Mela ( Fair) originated on the hill by the tribal community. Many nature camp and Rock Climbing courses are conducted by different organizations in winter season.


Matha Buru Kali ( Purulia | West Bengal )

Matha Buru Kali

This place is about an “experience”. We spent a cold December night spending beside a bonfire, with an old friend, sharing stories of old days, sitting under an open, star lit sky. There is a decent sized camping ground at the foot hill of the Matha hill. All around is darkness and forests. The “dome” tent where we stayed was very comfortable too. Did not feel the wind or the cold ground disturb the sleep. We went with some expectations, we were doubly rewarded.

Matha buru west bengal
Matha buru west bengal

Some hard facts: this place is very remote; the service is not quick and efficient; quality of food is decent but dont expect excellently cooked food. We were served rice,dal, egg curry, chutney in the afternoon.Roti-chicken-salad at night. Puri-subzi in the evening – which is decent as per my understanding.

How to go this place

It takes 58 minutes to travel from Puruliya to Matha Buru Kali. Approximate driving distance between Puruliya and Matha Buru Kali is 49 kms or 30.4 miles or 26.5 nautical miles . Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car.