The best trek in winter

Trek the haven – Chadar Trek in Zanskar

The journey starts at the mountain town of Leh. The only way to reach Leh is by flight and it is surrounded by snow giving it a complete white look. One can catch a glimpse of the snow capped mountains from the flight as it descends toward Leh which is located at 11400 feet above sea level. The trek is over the Zanskar River which lies frozen during the winter. The most preferred time to cross the ice would be in February. During that time, the ice tends to be at its most stable state.

chadar trek
Chadar trek

The ice can be as dangerous at times as it can be safe during others. One needs to figure out the safe paths over the precarious sheet and must always be aware of the ice conditions below the feet. The trekkers can choose to camp in the caves along the banks like the locals or set up tents where the ice is the most stable.

Trek the haven
Trek the haven

How to Reach
The only way to reach Ladakh during winters is by air, so you can opt for the regular flights from Delhi to Leh by Jet Airways, Air India and Go Air etc. & keep in mind to book your tickets well in advance. The aerial view is simply the best start one can have before the tour.